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What We Do

Lingua Light offers culturally responsive English lessons to students in elementary through 12th grade via remote volunteer-delivered classes. Our local collaborators have set up wifi and a computer-equipped learning center for students to take lessons. At the beginning of every school year, we assess each student’s performance in English to place them at the appropriate level. 


Volunteer-delivered lessons 

  • Volunteers in the U.S. conduct remote lessons in 30-minute sessions twice per week using Lingua Light's structured curriculum developed in collaboration with University TESOL professors. 

  • Classes are taught in small groups of 2-5 students. The goal of small-group instruction is to facilitate students' oral communication skills and their cross-cultural friendships with our volunteers.

  • All volunteers are encouraged to learn hand-in-hand with our children and grow together. 


Local TA support 

  • Our local paid teaching assistants are at intermediate or advanced English levels and are present during beginning-level classes. 

  • They also provide supplemental lessons and homework support, explaining complex grammar concepts in students’ native language when needed. 


Supplemental asynchronous lessons 

  • Teaching is supplemented by TA-supervised asynchronous learning modules that focus on improving students' reading and writing. 

  • This asynchronous system allows for continuous learning at a minimal cost, maximizes the value of our volunteers’ time, and diversifies our students’ learning experience. 


Progress Monitoring 

  • We monitor students' progress in all four areas of English learning (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).

  • This data informs how we modify the curriculum or implement interventions for students with insufficient progress compared to their peers.

What We Do: Who We Are
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