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Our Purpose

Lingua Light closes achievement gaps for underserved English language learners (ELLs) through structured online curriculums taught by trained volunteers. Bridging learners, volunteers, and educators worldwide, the organization fosters cultural exchange, educational innovation, and global citizenship.

In remote villages in Bali, Indonesia, 70% of students who want an English education are not able to get one due to suboptimal infrastructure and inadequate financial resources (1). Meanwhile, 80% of Bali's economy relies heavily on tourism (2). Since English is the most widely used and studied language in the world, students' opportunities to secure well-paying jobs and to converse with international friends are strongly based on their English proficiency. As such, students unable to receive a quality English education feel unprepared for the job market and left out of the international landscape in Bali. At Lingua Light, we aim to close the achievement gaps for these underserved ELL students while providing a bridge for the world to learn about their beautiful culture. 


1. Reports from 12 village chiefs in Bali 

2. The Global Planning Education Association Network

Our Vision

We have two visions:

  1.  Language education equity for every child.

  2.  Advancements in intercultural understanding worldwide.

Our Core Values
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