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Mary (Yueying) He


Chief Executive Officer

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Mary is a third-year graduate student in School Psychology, presently engaged in a full-time internship with the Portland Public Schools. Her concentrations include educational assessments and interventions, data-based decision-making, and consultations for educators and school leaders. She has had extensive experience working with diverse learners in both the K-12 and university settings. Mary was a foreign language tutor at her undergrad university where she developed lessons and activities to teach Chinese and intro Spanish. She has also volunteered in Bali as a foreign language teacher with co-founder Han. This incredible experience eventually led to them starting Lingua Light. 


As a former ESL learner herself and the only person in her family who speaks English, she has first-hand experience of how learning English unlocks opportunities and richer cultural experiences. Mary is passionate about providing similar opportunities to children through Lingua Light. Moreover, she strives to dismantle barriers to cross-cultural understanding and actively contribute to building a world where people can appreciate the beauty in diversity.


B.A. in Psychology, Minors in Statistics and Education

M.Ed. in Human Development

Education Specialist Student Majoring in School Psychology

TEFL and TESOL Diploma 

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness PreK-12 Certificate

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