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Mama Eka


Lead Local Coordinator

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Mama Eka is the current director of the Education Rock Bali Foundation and the Gapper volunteer program in Bali. Before taking on her current positions, she was the manager of The Bali Children Project Foundation. Having grown up in the community and worked in her roles, she has a close relationship with families and village heads from 12 remote villages, and she is a highly respected leader in the community. As a former ELL learner herself,  she has first-hand experience with the challenges students from remote villages face. "In Bali, we can see students in the city get better English support from their parents, and they have so many English courses around them. But in the village, we aren't guarantee it—the poor families focus on working to provide food for their daily life. There aren’t English courses around them, and the payment for English courses is so expensive," said Mama Eka. Mama Eka is excited to partner with Lingua Light to promote English education equity in her hometown. 

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