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Course Design Advisory Team Member

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Joyce (Yan) Lou



Joyce (Yan) Lou is serving as a course design advisory team member. They graduated from Oberlin College in 2022 with a psychology and sociology double major and a concentration in education. They are currently a Human Development and Family Studies Ph.D. student at Penn State University. Joyce has taught undergraduate ESOL classes, and they are a part-time TOEFL teacher during breaks. Their passion for academics and life is closely tied to children and adolescents. “I do not believe in a clear student-teacher dynamic; rather, I am here to study hand-in-hand with Lingua Light’s children and grow together,” said Joyce. During their Ph.D. program, Joyce would like to further research child-parent relationships and family-school dynamics in cross-cultural and long-distance contexts. They are also interested in queer international students’ experiences in the U.S.

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