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Hashem Al Hattab


Program Development Leader

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Hashem is an undergraduate student at Lehigh University. He actively participates in engineering and educational initiatives targeting global challenges. On Lehigh's campus, he leads initiatives to integrate international students and foster cross-cultural understanding. His commitment to uniting people and cultures through education began at United World College, where he contributed to impactful social ventures. 


Growing up between Jordan, India, and the United States, Hashem has experienced firsthand the complexities and richness stemming from intersecting cultures. This upbringing allowed him to better understand the misunderstandings and conflicts arising from cultural differences. In his view, education is a powerful tool for fostering understanding and connection. As the first person in his family to learn English, he resonates with Lingua Light’s mission. At Lingua Light, he sees an opportunity to contribute to an environment where language learning is not just about grammar and vocabulary, but about bridging cultural divides, listening to diverse stories, and fostering genuine, heartfelt communication.


Undergraduate student in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Lehigh University

United World College Graduate

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