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Shuhan (Hanferia) Liu


Director of Operations

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Shuhan is a second-year MAIA student at the Johns Hopkins University - SAIS Europe. Her concentrations include multiculturalism, human rights, and international law. During her studies, she reaffirmed her passion for international development, especially in the humanitarian field. She has also traveled to Bali twice as a volunteer English teacher, where she got to bond with local students deeply. Having had the opportunities to travel around 30 countries and study in diverse environments, she holds a firm belief that English education will provide children in Bali an equal opportunity to connect to the world and a window to richer cultural exchange experiences. She sincerely wishes to see Lingua Light ‘light up’ the path for ESL learners not only in Bali but also around the globe.


B.A. in Journalism and Communication

M.A. student in International Affairs (MAIA)

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