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We strive to bridge education and income gaps in Bali through high-quality, culturally responsive English education.

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Lingua Light is dedicated to breaking the cycle of educational and income disparity in Bali by providing high-quality, culturally responsive English education to underserved children and youth.

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Even though 80% of Bali’s economy relies on tourism, in remote villages, 70% of students who want to learn English cannot, leaving them unprepared for the job market and left out of Bali’s international landscape. At Lingua Light, we aim to close the achievement gaps for these underserved ELL students while providing a bridge for the world to learn about their beautiful culture.



Lingua Light provides elementary through 12th grade students culturally-responsive English lessons through remote volunteer-delivered classes two times a week for 30 minutes. Volunteers in the U.S. collaborate with local teaching assistants in Bali to promote cultural connections for all stakeholders, clear comprehension of English language structure, and future employment opportunities for students.


Lingua Light has two visions: 

Language education equity for everyone.

Advancements in intercultural understanding worldwide. 

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Why start with English?

Sometimes we get comments on how we shouldn’t be teaching English, but rather work on teaching other languages to the English speaking world. At Lingua Light, we believe that language learning should be a both/and situation where all learners are provided the opportunity to broaden their language horizon. Lingua Light's leadership team is multilingual with English as our common language. We have first hand experienced how learning the most widely used language in the world can open up doors. In our experience, people who argue that language learners shouldn’t be taught English often already speak English themselves, and therefore come from a privileged standpoint, not realizing the opportunities that are afforded to them. With that being said, Lingua Light plans to expand our service to cover other languages in the future.

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